“Anything that was meant to be produced, can be sold”

“ We guarantee purchasing 100 % of your harvesting and timely pay” We regulate prices in our 14 points of purchasing to ensure the best.


We produce quality coffee

Thanks to good agricultural practices and geographical and environmental conditions huila´s coffee is said to be special

Micro lots: It is a unique and exclusive coffee bean trading, with the best quality standard control and production since the beginning, this kind of coffe has got a high demand and higher price by international purchasers.

Certification: Our growers can obtain certification seals such as flo, utz and rainforest through the cooperative, this ensures social and environmental responsability besides natural resources advantage.

Female Coffee Growers: This Program Has Got Over 300 Coffee Women Focus On Producing High Quality Coffee Through An Associative Model, Social Development, Technical, Entreprenurial, Productive And Environmentally Oriented.


This Consists On Previous Agreed Quantities And Price Sales Between Associates And Coocentral To Assure Purchases Without Future Marketing Volatility.


“Profits are invested in associates every year”

We are always hoping to improve our associates welfare and their families.

Social security: They will get subsidies of 50-100% from the amount they pay for Social Security.

Solidarity: This program was created to reinforce links among associates through the cooperative, mutual assistance and comunitary participation. It helps associates at unexpected times.


  • Formal education: We promote studying professional and technological carrers. We provide with subsides to our associates,we select them through a fedelity points system.
  • Non formal education: The cooperative educational commite develops training and programs which complement, up date and bring needed knowledge to work on management and coffee area.

Savings for the old age: We are in a constant quest of current and future welfare of our associates this is why, we have created an aliance with periodic economis benefit program wich allows the assocites to safe safely in order to think about their old age. They will be able to contribute easily at any of our agencies, treasury or through a selling coffee discount.

Housing: House improvement is to improve quality of life, this is one of our main belongtargets. Kitchen, dormitories, restrooms, roofs and ceilings improvement among many others.

Life insurance: Death cover all causes for associates and their families, to join must be between 18 and 65 years old, permanence until 75 years old, for their sons or dauthers in order to join they must be 14 and 25 years old.

Obsequies prevention plan: In case of decease if the associate belongs to this plan, funeral expenses will be totally covered included his/her couple, sons and dauthers younger than 30 years.


“Everything the associates need”

You will find it at Coocentral

Fertilizer: We provide our customers with “Ferticolombia” Coocentral´s own brand, we guarantee high quality products and the best brands for them, we count on well known trading allies to bring ultimate nutrition to crops.

Hardware store: We trade all necessary supplies, hardware for gardening, building and all related to coffe growing.

Chemical products for agricultural purposes: Routed to reduce and control plagues, diseases and everything affects good crops and animals growing.

Home appliences: We complement our services by bringing quality appliances brands, furniture, footwear and more.



“Productivity is our goal”

Customized accompaniment in pursuit of quality and productivity.

Tecnical counseling: We count on a team of 12 technicians who provide tecnical counseling to our associates in a customized way, solving any inconvenient or doubt to get better results at their crops, having permanent accompaniment will make their crops more productive.

Trainings: Plagues control and diseases, post harvesting, water conservation and soil management by the Technicians.


“We finance you business timely and sufficiently”

We have credit lines designed for you

Rotary fund: Inmediate credit based on social contributions, it does not need a solidary debtor, monthly interest rate 1% aproximately.

Super partner: Demandatory to have passed previous year “ able”, monthly interest rate 1,2% aproximately.

30 days check: Short term loan without any interest rate for associates and 1% monthly interest rate for individuals.

Harvest loan: Created for alternative crops and to begin a credit life at the cooperative. Monthly interest rate for associates: 1,2% aproximately and 1,5% monthly interest rate for individuals.

100%: Aplica para asociados inscritos al programa 100%. Interés mensual aproximado del 1,2%

Little future: Credit in cash, exclusive to pay the coffee collecting, only registered to the 100% program associates can access. Term: 30 days must be cash payment and provide dry parchment coffee kilos as agreed.

Market 100: Exclusive for associates registered under the 100% program, no interest rate loan. Term: by the end of each semester.

Special (agreement): Acquired goods and products through trading firms without any interest rate, term from 4 to 6 months, directed to coffee rust control, fertlizers and farm machinery.

Hardware and home: Associates, monthly rate interest aproximately 1,2%. Interest rate for individuals: 1,5%


“Fidelity is worth it at Coocentral”h5>

We reward and boost your commitment to Coocentral.

The associates are commited to sell 100% of their harvesting to the cooperative, obteining loan profits, fertilizers, inputs, health services and obsequies prevention; the last mentioned as a whole, besides they will get 1% of total purchases in inputs and a privileged interest rate.


“We finance you business timely and sufficiently”

We have credit lines designed for you

This is a program which reunites 70 coffee grower associates to Coocentral where high quality standard coffee is produced through designed harvesting,  and fermentation protocols. This coffee program is traded by means of our roasted coffee brand “CAFÉ COOCENTRAL” and its label  “ PREMIUM COFFEE”.